Picking the Right Clothes

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Daniel Tiger has an episode about picking the right clothes — dressing appropriately. Part of the song says, buy “Think about what you’re gonna do, and pick the clothes that are right for you.”

While Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood can never replace Mr. Rogers’, I think this episode does a great job dealing with clothes and learning how to dress for the occasion. For example, what to wear riding a bike, swimming and playing in the rain or snow.

You could extend Daniel Tiger’s lesson by talking about what to wear to a wedding, tea party, church, school, play date and so on.

Modesty is about dressing appropriately. These tips are a good foundation for teaching professionalism down the road.

Use What/If Questions

Dressing appropriately is also a matter of health and safety, like wearing a helmet when bike riding. Asking what/if questions encourages your child to think about consequences and benefits to dressing appropriately for the situation and environment.

For example, “What could happen if Emma doesn’t wear her knee pads while skating?”

Review School Handbooks and Dress Codes

If your little one’s school has a handbook, it undoubtedly includes a dress code. This can be used to jump-start a conversation about dressing appropriately. You can ask questions like, “Why do you think the school has this dress code? Why is it important to follow the rules? What could happen if you don’t?”

Make it a Career Day

Many careers have a dress code, be it a uniform or general policy. Make it a career day and talk about the safety reasons behind a doctor wearing gloves for a procedure, for example. What about the contractor with the hard hat? There’s even a cultural rationale behind the banker’s business suit! If possible, make it an outing, explore and discuss.

Have fun!