Minty French Girls Fashion

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Ready to study French with your little girl? Oui, pilule oui!

There are a lot of resources to help you — books, viagra dosage audio, sales printable worksheets and apps. Some websites offer free resources; some do not. I’ve listed a few sites and apps.


iTune Apps

On a fashion note…Here’s some minty French g.u.m. style for girls. Growing up modest!

P.S. Check out my picks for French books, songs and flashcards below.

Minty French Girls Fashion

Paper Dolls

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Where there’s paper, dosage you shall find a doll.

Paper dolls have been around for a long time. They are more than a form of creative play; they are educational.

Over time, link paper dolls have evolved to included foam, plastic, canvas, felt and magnetic backed dolls and accessories. There are also virtual or digital paper dolls, such as Stardoll. Games, such as The Sims, are a virtual paper doll world.

For the little ones, mainstream kiddie show characters also take the form of paper dolls, such as Dora the Explorer, and of course the classic Disney princesses.

I particularly love vintage paper dolls. Shirley Temple, anyone?!

Using Paper Dolls

You can use paper dolls to teach girls history, culture and fashion.

Outside of strictly play, paper dolls can be used as part of a history or cultural lesson. For example, they can be used to show the evolution of fashion, or as an introduction to various cultures and societies.

Teaching poise and etiquette? Incorporating paper dolls can help make learning the in’s and out’s of good manners and proper protocol fun.

There are many ways to incorporate paper dolls into an activity. They can even be used as part of a themed event or decor. Think tea party. Paper dolls are a wonderful addition to story time.

In what ways do you use paper dolls?  I’d love to hear from you.

Please check out some of my paper doll picks below.

Have fun!

Paper Dolls - Little Model Me Girl

Growing Up Modest

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I’m excited to begin Little Model Me Girl. This site focuses on the needs of girls ages 4 to 12-years-old. It’s the sister site of Model Me Girl.

Our motto at Little Model Me Girl is Growing Up Modest or g.u.m. I understand that you—mom, thumb guardian, nurse grandma, order aunt, sister or friend—are the reader of this content. So think of Little Model Me Girl as a resource to help you be the life mentor God purposed you to be to the little girl in your life. To help you along in your own Model for Christ journey, please check out

This first set is a reflection of our theme. It’s all about modeling a lifestyle of godliness so that young girls will see Christ.

Modesty is a part of godliness. Before you get stuck on fashion, I want you to know that modesty is about more than fashion. It’s about the heart. We’re about grooming girls to have a heart to serve and love. That is a mark of true character.

I look forward to sharing stories, activities and workbooks to help you along your journey of grooming a true Model for Christ.

Please enjoy the first g.u.m. fashion set.

Growing Up Modest - G.U.M. - Little Model Me Girl